Vol. 19, issue 10, article # 8

Toptygin A.Yu., Gribanov K.G., Imasu R., Schmidt G., Zakharov V.I. Latitudinal variations of the vertical profiles and columnar HDO/H2O ratio in the atmosphere over the ocean retrieved from IMG/ADEOS data. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2006. V. 19. No. 10. P. 787-791.
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Method of retrieving the HDO/H2O ratio profile and its columnar value is presented. The method is based on the expansion of the profile retrieved over eigenvectors of the covariance matrix of model profiles obtained using general circulation model of the atmosphere. A priori information contained in the covariance matrix of the model profiles compensates partially for the lack of information in the weighting functions for HDO in the lower atmospheric layer (0-1 km) and layers above 10 km. Infrared radiance spectra observed from a satellite with high spectral resolution along nadir were used as input data for the retrievals. The method was tested using IMG/ADEOS spectra measured over the ocean under clear sky conditions. Latitudinal distributions of HDO/H2O vertical profile and columnar value of the HDO/H2O ratio were retrieved over Pacific Ocean for the time period from winter of 1996 to summer of 1997. Error estimation was made using closed model calculations and its value is not greater than 25‰ for vertical profile and not greater than 20‰ for columnar value of the HDO/H2O ratio. Vertical and latitudinal distributions obtained in this paper are in a good agreement with the literature data on isotopic composition of water vapor in the atmosphere.