Vol. 19, issue 07, article # 11

Zayakhanov A.S., Zhamsueva G.S., Butukhanov V.P., Lomukhin Yu.L. Ozone and nitrogen oxide concentrations in near-surface atmospheric layer of Lake Baikal. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2006. V. 19. No. 07. P. 570-574.
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The results of synchronous ozone and nitrogen oxide measurements in near-surface atmospheric layer carried out onboard the G.Yu. Vereshchagin Research Vessel in August 2003 are presented. Specific features of ozone and nitrogen dioxide distributions in different regions of Baikal are analyzed. Relatively low ozone concentrations are indicated. Anomalously high nitrogen dioxide concentration is revealed in the South Baikal atmosphere. In North Baikal the nitrogen oxide content is found to be 3 times lower than in South Baikal.