Vol. 19, issue 05, article # 14

Zuev V.V., Savchuk D.A., Ageev B.G., Bondarenko S.L., Sapozhnikova V.A. New dendrochronological parameter - the result of optoacoustic measurements of СО2 concentration in the annual rings of trees. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2006. V. 19. No. 05. P. 417-420.
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Using the vacuum technology, gas samples have been extracted from the annual fir tree rings and then CO2 content has been measured in the samples by laser optoacoustic spectroscopy technique. The measured time series of CO2 concentration were analyzed statistically and relations of thus obtained statistical characteristics with time series of the monthly mean air temperatures for the growing season and with total ozone content over Tomsk have been sought.