Vol. 19, issue 04, article # 16

Geiko P.P., Kotsubinskaya E.P. New nonlinear crystal LiGa(SеxS1-x)2 for near-IR radiation frequency conversion. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2006. V. 19. No. 04. P. 322-326.
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For the first time, coefficients of the Sellmeier dispersion equations for the new promising nonlinear mixed crystals like LiGa(SеxS1-x)2 (0 ≤ x < 1) belonging to mm2 point group have been found for different ratios of x mixing. The phase matching diagrams for the second harmonic generation and optical parametric oscillation for the principal crystal plane have been calculated and plotted. Tuning curves for optical parametric oscillator pumped by Nd:YAG laser cover the entire long-wave part of the crystal transparency spectrum up to 13.2 μm. The spectral dependences of acceptable variations of the x mixing ratios have been found.