Vol. 18, issue 04, article # 5

Meshalkin Yu.P., Svetlichnyi V.A., Chunosova S.S., Golovin N.N., Pol'skikh I.A., Kopylova T.N. Anti-Stokes fluorescence of phenalemine 512 dye in polymeric matrix under low-intensity irradiation . // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2005. V. 18. No. 04. P. 286-289.
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A He-Ne laser (632.8 nm), a laser diode (648 nm), and a light emitting diode (678 nm) have been used to obtain anti-Stokes fluorescence of phenalemine 512 in a polymeric matrix (PMMA) with concentrations of 10-3 - 10-2 M. The existence of a "red limit" of excitation of anti-Stokes fluorescence is shown experimentally and theoretically. The temperature dependence demonstrates the decrease in the intensity of anti-Stokes fluorescence with the decrease of temperature. The energy of activation of anti-Stokes fluorescence of phenalemine 512 in PMMA for simple molecule was determined to be (2.52 ± 0.09) 10-20 J.