Vol. 17, issue 12, article # 15

Voronin B.A., Voronina S.S., Voronina Yu.V., Lavrent'eva N.N. Water vapor line parameters and atmospheric transmittance in the 0.69 mkm region . // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2004. V. 17. No. 12. P. 952-957.
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A new database is presented for the 14395-14407 cm-1 region for calculations of the atmospheric transmission using the exact calculated line parameters. The semi-empiric approach developed has been used for calculation of the line broadening by air pressure and shifting coefficients of H2O spectral lines, as well as the coefficients of thermal dependence of the line profile parameters. These calculations have been performed for 24 strongest lines. Four lines were assigned, and the atmospheric transmittance at the zenith angles of 70 and 80° has been simulated for the spectral range of a ruby laser.