Vol. 15, issue 10, article # 14

Zhuravlev A.A., Teptin G.M., Khutorova O.G. Characterizing the anthropogenic component in diurnal variability of the gas and aerosol concentrations in urban air. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 10. P. 843-847.
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Some results on temporal variations of the urban air pollution are presented. A database on the concentration of some pollutants (NO, NO2, SO2, CO, aerosol) and meteorological parameters measured in a monitoring regime allowed us to study the diurnal variability of their concentrations in the atmosphere of a big city. Several types of the diurnal behavior were observed for different pollutants, as well as some seasonal variation was revealed. The morning and evening peaks were revealed in the time behavior of concentrations of all the pollutants studied. The diurnal variability of the pollutant concentrations was found to depend on some meteorological parameters, first, on the wind velocity. Analysis of the shape and amplitude of diurnal variations of the pollutant concentrations on working days and weekends showed that the anthropogenic effect is most pronounced in summer. Distribution histograms of the daily mean concentrations over a week demonstrated their increase on working days and decrease in weekends for the warm season and the absence of such dependence in the cold season.