Vol. 15, issue 04, article # 6

Gavrilovich A.B. Account for the air-water interface in the problem on determining the source function of the radiative transfer equation within a spherical model of the atmosphere-ocean system. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 04. P. 310-315.
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A spherical model of the atmosphere-ocean system is represented by a mathematically equivalent model, in which light reflection, transmission, and refraction at the air-water interface is expressed through optical parameters of an elementary volume of the medium in the radiative transfer equation (RTE). These parameters are introduced using the theory of generalized functions and the Fermat principle. The source function for the RTE in this model is expressed through continuous linear functionals in the form corresponding to the absence of ray bending and refraction. Thus, the new method to account for refraction based on deformation of the system of spherical coordinates is generalized to the interface.