Vol. 15, issue 04, article # 4

Pkhalagov Yu.A., Ippolitov I.I., Uzhegov V.N., Buldakov A.V., Arshinov M.Yu. Investigation of relation between UV radiation flux, electric field strength, and optical-microphysical characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 04. P. 300-305.
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The paper describes the tentative results of experimental investigation of the relation between the intensity of the scattered solar UV radiation, the electric field strength, the submicron component of aerosol extinction of optical radiation, and the concentration of micron-sized particles in the atmospheric boundary layer. At fine weather a significant negative correlation was observed between variations of the UV flux and the electric field strength (the correlation coefficient p = -0.67) and under overcast conditions this correlation broke. It was found that at the cloudless sky the micron-sized particles grow gradually under the effect of the UV solar radiation during a day, the particle concentration changed, and the size distribution broadened considerably.