Vol. 15, issue 03, article # 16

Lisenko A.A., Lomaev M.I. Emission spectra of capacitive, glow, and barrier discharge Kr-Cl2, Xe-Cl2, Xe-Br2, Xe-I2 excilamps. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 03. P. 265-266.
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The spectra of Xe-Cl2, Xe-Br2, and Xe-I2 excilamps excited by capacitive, glow, and barrier discharges are presented. The spectra of a barrier discharge Xe-Cl2 excilamp for different gas mixture pressure (60 and 120 Torr) are obtained and analyzed. The dependence of Kr-Cl2 capacitive discharge excilamp spectrum on the operation time is presented.