Vol. 14, issue 06-07, article # 9

Ankilov A.N., Baklanov A.M., Belan B.D., Borodulin A.I., Buryak G.A., Vlasenko A.L., Marchenko Yu.V., Ol'kin S.E., Panchenko M.V., Penenko V.V., P'yankov O.V., Reznikova I.K., Safatov A.S., Sergeev A.N., Tsvetova E.A. Annual variation of protein concentration in biogenic component of atmospheric aerosol in Southwestern Siberia. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 06-07. P. 473-477.
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Late in 1998 monitoring of the biogenic component of atmospheric aerosol in the Southwestern Siberia has been started. The data obtained show pronounced seasonal variability of the total content of protein in atmospheric aerosol. Yearly changes in the total protein concentration are characterized by strong height correlation, but no time-correlation was observed. Analysis of back trajectories of air masses showed that the protein component of atmospheric aerosol at the measurement point was formed by several independent sources located far from this point.