Vol. 14, issue 06-07, article # 17

Butukhanov V.P., Zhamsueva G.S., Zayakhanov A.S., Khodzher T.V., Lomukhin Yu.L. Spatiotemporal distribution of surface aerosol in Baikal region. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 06-07. P. 513-517.
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The results of chemical analysis of aerosol samples taken in the surface atmospheric layer of Ulan-Ude and towns and villages on the southeastern shore of Lake Baikal in fall of 1998 and spring-summer of 1999 are presented. These results are used to reveal the distribution of aerosol particles depending on the place of generation, season, local time, and meteorological characteristics of the atmosphere. It is shown that generation of secondary aerosols is possible under certain meteorological conditions in the near-shore zone of Lake Baikal.