Vol. 11, issue 02-03, article # 36

Karpov A. B., Naumov S. A., Borodulina E. V., V'yugova L. M., Udut V. V., Zyryanov B. N. Use of visible electromagnetic waves in therapy of precancerous gastric diseases. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1998. V. 11. No. 02-03. P. 187-189. PDF
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In this paper we discuss prospects of using non-laser visible radiation in therapy of precancerous gastric diseases through blood irradiation. High potentialities of such a treatment lie in the mechanisms of biological action of low-energy He-Ne laser radiation which have been understood based on a vast material of clinical observations. The study of absorption and fluorescence spectra of blood enabled us to conclude that the primary acceptors of the He-Ne laser radiation are molecules from the series. The absorption of light by porphyrins results in the chain processes of membrane oxidizing, through a series of physicochemical reactions, whose products, in their turn, make the specific and non-specific anti-oxidant defense systems active. Irradiation of blood by visible electromagnetic radiation, from non-laser light sources, produces a positive clinical and endoscopic effect. As in the case with intravenous laser irradiation of blood it also exhibits a correcting influence on the precancerous changes in stomach.