Vol. 10, issue 12, article # 15

Evtyushkin A. V., Komarov S. A., Luk'yanenko D. N., Mironov V. L. Classification of the Earth's cover by radar images. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 12. P. 947-949. PDF
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Results of investigations into thematic interpretation of orbital images recorded with the SIR–C/X–SAR radar with synthetic aperture in the L- and C-bands for HH, VV, and HV polarization states are given. Problems of recognition of characteristics of forest and agricultural vegetation, erosion processes of soil on the regional scale on the plain and foothill territories of the Altay Krai are examined. Influence of filtration of the speckle noise is studied and images are classified by the kernels in the contrast - mean intensity space. Results of classification have been compared with the ground-based data and orbital scanning and photographic images obtained in the optical range.