Vol. 10, issue 02, article # 2

Anisimov M. P., Nasibulin A. G., Timoshina L. V. Empirical determination of the critical nuclei composition in the vicinity of glycerin melting point. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1997. V. 10. No. 02. P. 84-88. PDF
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The paper presents some results of determination of the critical nuclei size and composition based on the experimental data on the nucleation rate of glycerin vapor. The measurements have been performed in different gas media inside a diffusion chamber. The influence of phase transition of the first kind is revealed in the condensate on the process of aerosol formation in supersaturated vapor and on the size of a critical nucleus of a new phase. Analysis of the experimental data revealed the influence of the gas–medium concentration on the phase transition temperature. The composition of critical nuclei is shown to differ significantly from the system microscopic composition under given conditions. The results obtained enable us to draw the conclusions that the nucleation under study may be treated as a binary nucleation of the “vapor of the substance condensated – carrier gas system.”