Vol. 30, issue 12, article # 7

Antokhina O.Yu., Аntokhin P.N., Arshinova V.G., Arshinov M.Yu., Belan B.D., Belan S.B., Davydov D.K., Ivlev G.A., Kozlov A.V., Nedelec Ph., Paris J.-D.., Rasskazchikova T.M., Savkin D.E., Simonenkov D.V., Sklyadneva T.K., Tolmachev G.N., Fofonov A.V. The vertical distributions of gaseous and aerosol admixtures in air over the Russian Arctic. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2017. V. 30. No. 12. P. 1043-1052 [in Russian].
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The vertical distributions of gas and aerosol compositions of air over the Kara Sea and coastal areas of the Russian Arctic, measured by Tu-134 Optic airborne laboratory in October, 2014, are analyzed. Features of the altitude distributions of CO2 and aerosol over the Kara Sea that differ them from continental conditions are revealed. No considerable deviations from continental distributions are found for CH4, CO, and O3.


Arctic, atmosphere, aerosol, air, vertical distribution, gases, continental, large-scale, spatial


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