Vol. 23, issue 09, article # 10

Burlakov V. D., Dolgii S. I., Zuev V. V., Makeev A. P., Makienko E. V., Nevzorov A. V. Measurements of microstructure characteristics of background and volcanic stratospheric aerosol on the basis of multifrequency laser sensing in Tomsk (56.5 N; 85.0 E). // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 09. P. 803-810 [in Russian].
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We present the technical description of the three-frequency lidar, developed for sensing of the stratospheric aerosol (SA) at wavelengths of 355, 532, and 683 nm. The three sensing wavelengths are realized in one coaxial beam of radiation, using one laser source. The SA microstructure characteristics in 2008-2009 were measured, both under background conditions of stratosphere, and under conditions of its perturbation by explosive volcanic eruptions. Also, we consider certain still unpublished measurements of the SA microstructure characteristics at sensing wavelengths of 308, 353, 532, and 628 nm in July, 1991 and in April, 1992.


stratosphere, aerosol, multifrequency lidar, microstructural characteristics of aerosols