Vol. 20, issue 11, article # 6

Odintsov S.L., Fedorov V.A. Investigation of wind velocity variations on mesometeorological scale from sodar observations. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 11. P. 900-906.
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The results of remote acoustic sounding of the wind velocity in the atmospheric boundary layer are analyzed. Oscillation spectra of the absolute value of the horizontal wind velocity of mesometeorological scale are considered. The statistics of wind velocity distributions with periods of 20-250 min, as well as the statistics of significant amplitudes of oscillations at these periods, has been studied using the numerical bandpass filtering. Both summer and winter measurements are included in analysis. Daytime and nighttime conditions are considered separately. To increase the reliability of estimates for amplitudes and periods of regular oscillations of wind velocity, "spectral reliability thresholds" corresponding to the chosen significance level are used. A group of basic oscillation periods in some time intervals is found.