Vol. 17, issue 12, article # 13

Bykov A.D., Naumenko O.V., Shcherbakov A.P., Sinitsa L.N., Voronin B.A. Identification and simulation of the H216O absorption spectrum in 5750-7965 cm-1 region. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2004. V. 17. No. 12. P. 940-947.
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The rotational, centrifugal distortion, and resonance coupling constants as well as dipole moment parameters of six vibrational states, viz., (101), (021), (120), (200), (002), and (040) of the H216O molecule have been determined from the fit to the experimental rotational energy levels and line strengths measured by R.A. Toth [Appl. Opt. 33, 4851(1994)]. Quite satisfactory agreement for the energy levels and intensities have been achieved using the effective rotational Hamiltonian in the Pade-Borel form and taking into account the conventional Coriolis, Fermi, Darling-Dennison, and the high-order resonance couplings. The rms deviation of the fitting is 0.025 cm-1 and 4.86% for 858 energy levels and intensities of 3038 lines, respectively. The calculations made enabled complete assignment of the lines of the experimental spectrum.